Saturday, September 28, 2013

Expect Better Changes In IPUS | Idle Processor Utilization Services

I visited the IPUS Services' website today and noticed a few things which made me think we can expect better changes from the program. These 3 things which could be a precursor to better changes in IPUS Services are chiefly connected to the Downloads, Forum and Employment areas.

As you can recall, IPUS | Idle Processor Utilization Services announced 4 days ago that it had released the final Beta version of the software, the feedback of which would pave the way for their programmers to finalize the complete version of the software. I had not downloaded the final Beta version 4 days ago because I had no plans to try it out at least until the final version would be released. I know as a member they are supposed to gather feedback but it's simply my (lazy) decision not to download it yet. On second thought I did try to check if I can download the final Beta version a few minutes ago. However, I got the message instead that a newer version will soon be available soon. I just wonder if it's a beta version or the final version.

The second thing I noticed is the Forum. Apparently it's offline and under maintenance and it's curious that they included the word "cleanup". I do recall reading negative posts in the forum when the first beta version they released was misunderstood by a lot of members. 

The third I noticed was in the Employment section. They are still looking for a YouTube Coordinator. 


We have the following positions open for immediate fill

YouTube Video channel creation / Advertisements - We are serching for someone to create, maintain, contribute to, and manage YouTube videos that explain what we do and how we do it. One new video per week minimum (prefer 3). All content to be approved prior to publication. Different languages a huge plus. Weekly Pay based upon experience ($75).

Let's hope all better changes will be implemented.

It's not too late to earn using your computer's idle time with IPUS | Idle Processor Utilization Services. If you haven't signed up yet, you can do so via the link below:


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    1. Hola Luis,

      Gracias por visitar mi pagina. Quiero darles el beneficio de la duda. Vamos a ver si pueden llegar a la versión final del software. Por otra parte, nunca gasté dinero para inscribirse en este programa. Creo que todavía vale la pena intentarlo.