Thursday, July 25, 2013

Money Maker Surf Missed Payments

As I've written in the previous post, Money Maker Surf has missed paying me the $2.88 daily instant payment after surfing. I was supposed to get $4.32 but only received $1.44. I sent two tickets to Help Desk but 4 days after I have not received a reply. There was only a statement under their Latest News & Events that they "had encountered a system error but that daily payments did get sent instantly". The system bug may have been fixed but I certainly did not get my instant payment so that second phrase is a lie.

Two days after I did not get my payment of $2.88 after surfing 5 sites. Again, despite the fact that they had not addressed my missed payment of $2.88 two days before, I sent a ticket that I had not received anything in my STP account. I never found my member ID under Last 15 Payouts even after I had stayed a while to refresh the page. Still no reply.

I have lost interest in re-investing in the site. On some Facebook groups I am in, I see a few have reported not getting paid one day and getting payment the next day. It irks me that they don't even have a Facebook page to bother communicating to their members.

For the meantime I would not recommend this site. It hasn't been a full month I think since they came back online and they are already experiencing problems with missed payments. I will explore other paying programs just like MMS while I am still waiting for a few plans on other HYIP sites to mature.

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