Sunday, March 24, 2013

Being Productive With Humanatic and ClixSense

Since Bubblews loads so slow tonight I decided to instead concentrate on reviewing Humanatic calls and doing CrowdFlower tasks at ClixSense. The good news is that a few minutes ago I had reached the minimum payout amount in Humanatic.

The site pays every Monday so I will let my earnings accrue until that day to click on the Request A Payout link. Per Rach Bach on Payout Requests under Announcements:

"Rach Bach // November 2, 2012 at 2:21 PM For Humans who are new to Humanatic and those of you who have been around a while but are unaware...Once you have earned $10 or more, click on My account in the drop down under your name on your profile page. Look for the Request a payout link then simply click it and then click Submit. Payout requests are to be made once per week on Mondays before noon eastern. Paypal payouts will be sent Monday afternoon and you may incur a small fee. Any payout requests made after noon eastern on Mondays will not be processed until the following week. Thanks for your participation in the HumaNation!"

Since the time I've drafted this article, I have accumulated $0.24 more. My total is at $10.28.

Working on available CrowdFlower tasks in ClixSense gave me a chance to boost my ClixSense earnings to $1 after my earnings had reset exactly a week ago for a cashout I made. I like to aim for the Daily Checklist Bonus, provided there are tasks available of course. I probably am obsessive-compulsive this way - some members may not even bother completing all the green checks.

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